When the Creative Juices Stop Flowing

Do you ever feel like all of your good ideas have all dried up and you are left with an empty, creative brain? But you still feel this push or urge to keep producing something creative. This can happen with any creative pursuit, but in this instance I am talking particularly about writing. You feel this urge to keep writing and not only write, but that it has to be a masterpiece. Every. Single. Time. Talk about pressure.

And this push or urge that you feel could be solely from yourself or solely from outside influences or a combination of the two. But no matter where it comes from, there is a slight or not so slight pressure.

And it feels like there is this metaphorical clock ticking down in your head. It could be a ticking down to some imaginary or an actual, very real deadline. And because those creative juices are feeling elusive and evasive, it makes the pressure worse.

But the more you will yourself to find an idea, the more your brain will resist. So maybe you push back harder trying to find that perfect, almost magical idea. Eventually you come to a crossroads.

No amount of forcing the creative juices to start freely flowing is going to work on its own. Plus you are too mentally exhausted to fight your creative muse anyway. So, you give up and give in. (Which in this case is not a bad thing and is actually rather helpful and useful.)

So what to do?

When the Creative Juices Stop Flowing

Just let your brain rest. Stop actively searching for ideas, whether you are doing a Pinterest search, a google search, or looking at previous ideas you already wrote down.

Stop. Put down your electronic device. Close your eyes (if it feels right to you.) But definitely breathe. If you feel like doing something else? Great, do that. Feel like taking a walk? Do that.

You never know how or where or when inspiration will strike. And I do use this word in almost a literal sense. Or maybe words start coming to you. This is where the word strike fits. They might make sense or feel jumbled.

You are not sure where they will take you and what will come of them. But you better pick up your pen or pencil and paper and let those words flow because when the creative dam breaks and the creative juices flow, the words can come fast and furious.

So much so that you get a cramp in your hand, but you dare not stop for fear of another creative strike. So you let the words come fast and furious.

This is exactly what happened to me today.

I couldn’t think of anything to write although so many ideas abounded. Nothing felt right. I got too caught up in my own head. Too worried about finding the perfect words or the perfect idea.

I felt like nothing was good enough so I felt stuck. I sat for way too long spinning my wheels, lost inside of the vastness of the internet, until I couldn’t take it anymore. I put my phone down, was about to get up and change my scenery when the first few words of what I have written here came to me.

I dared not lose the inspiration. I grabbed my pen and paper and let the words flow, never censoring, never criticizing, just letting the words pour onto the paper.

And the result? Who knows entirely since I haven’t gone back to read it yet. But I do know that by letting go of your perceived notions of what you need to write or what you feel you have to write, it is so much easier for inspiration to back to you and creativity to flow.

If you are constantly worried about what to write and feel you are trapped inside of a box, creativity starts to dry up. So, stop and let the inspiration come to you, and when it does let go of all of your worries and just write.

This is when the magic truly happens.

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