When Do Babies Start Sleeping Through the Night?

When you are going through countless sleepless nights, you might start to wonder when your baby will start to sleep through the night and if your baby will be a “good” sleeper. The answer mainly depends on your baby’s age and stage, and whether or not they have learned to self-soothe. 

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“Sleeping Through the Night” Definition

You hear the phrase sleeping through the night get tossed around, but what exactly does that mean? Sleeping through the night is usually defined as sleeping six to eight straight hours overnight. 

But remember this only represents a fraction of the total hours (usually 10 to 12 hours or more) of sleep that your baby needs at night in addition to daytime naps, depending on age and stage. Basically, if your baby is “sleeping through the night” at 3 to 6 months you won’t be for long. For example, if your baby goes down at 8 pm, then six hours is 2 am and eight hours is 4 am. 

Babies under 6 months can usually sleep anywhere from three to eight hours at night and this is all dependent on age and stage. Babies starting at about 4 months of age are developmentally able to sleep through the night without a feeding, but that doesn’t mean that they will do so. Babies, like adults, don’t just eat for nourishment, but also for comfort and pleasure. 

When Do Babies Start Sleeping Through the Night?

This depends on several factors, including your baby’s age weight, whether or not you are breastfeeding, and nighttime feeding rituals. 


Newborns are incapable of sleeping through the night because they need to eat frequently. The most you can expect your brand new baby to sleep is about two to four hours at a time. This time frame depends on if you are breastfeeding, formula-feeding, or a combination of the two. 

2-3 Months:

They can sleep in stretches of five to six hours. But, most 3-month-olds still need feeding or two during the night, especially if you are nursing. 

4 Months:

By this age, babies are capable of sleeping through the night for seven to eight hours straight. This may happen gradually. The reason why is because most 4-month-old babies have reached the magic weight of 11 pounds. Metabolically speaking, they don’t need a nighttime feeding. This doesn’t mean that they won’t ask for one. 

5-6 Months:

By now, your baby is able to sleep through the night. Your baby might still be waking up multiple times to eat, but they probably don’t need it and are having a hard time weaning off of nighttime feedings. You can talk to your doctor for advice on how to cut out your baby nighttime feedings. 

Is your baby sleeping through the night?

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