Shopping Hungry? Here’s How to Do it Safely for Your Wallet

Have you ever gone to the grocery store hungry? It’s okay. You can raise your hand or nod your head yes if you have. I think most people have. It is so easy to do and seem harmless. I know I am guilty of it. But honestly, it is one of the worst things you can do if you are trying to stay within a grocery budget. Here’s why. And how you can remedy shopping hungry.

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Reasons Shopping Hungry is a No-No

1. Can’t Focus – In Store Longer

When you are hungry, your mind is a one-trick pony. It focuses solely on making sure you eat, which is a survival tactic. You need food. So, because of this, focusing becomes much harder. This makes you needlessly wander the store. The longer you wander, the more unneeded items end up in your cart.

2. More Unneeded Items End Up in Your Cart

When you’re hungry, everything starts looking good. Even food you don’t like or food you are allergic too. Because everything looks good, you might end up buying something (or multiple things) that weren’t planned. This is extra money you weren’t planning on spending. And if you don’t end up eating the food, then the money is wasted.

How to Remedy Shopping Hungry

1. Eat a Meal Before You Go

If you are able to do so, eat food before shopping. This will ensure you will stay focused on your list and you can avoid purchasing additional food you don’t need. Of course, this an ideal situation, but one that is not always possible.

2. Or Keep Healthy Filling Snacks in Car

If a meal isn’t possible, have a snack ready to go in your purse or car. Make sure it is filling enough or you are likely to encounter the same issues you would when shopping hungry.

3. Can’t Eat? 4 Things You Can Do

  • Stick to a Shopping List

First, make a shopping list. And it is vital your list is written down. Because when you are shopping hungry, your brain can’t focus well making it more difficult to mentally keep track of a list. Only shop in the aisles where the items on your list are found. Not on your list? Stay away.

  • Use a Basket – Not a Cart

When you carry a basket, you will be able to feel the heaviness increase as more items are added. This will cause you to hustle because heavy baskets aren’t fun to carry. Probably why they are usually avoided.

  • Only Shop for One Meal

You don’t have to do all your shopping for the week. You could shop for the meal you need to eat. And buy the rest of your groceries later. This way you will be in and out of the store quicker.

  • Avoid Danger Zones

When you are hungry, all of the unhealthy food is what you start craving. So, don’t tempt yourself by going to those areas. Stay away from the in-store bakery. As well as the “junk food” aisles.

Wrapping Up

Shopping hungry is a danger to your grocery budget. But sometimes it is unavoidable. Following these tips will help keep your budget safe.

What do you do when you “shopping hungry” in a grocery store?” 

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