How to Pursue Your Dreams in the Face of Doubters

What do you do when you have a dream, but everyone around you (including family and friends) keep telling you to be more realistic and give you the dream? Or if you don’t want to go down a traditional career route and you are being told to be more “sensible”?

You ignore them.

You shut out the doubters and keep working and fighting for your dream.

Honestly, this is the only way. In your life, there will be doubters and negative people around you and if you listen to them, you might never pursue your dream.

You can decide to not even tell anyone your dreams, although I don’t necessarily advise this idea. Because that way no one can give you their opinion either helpful or not.

And if it is not helpful, then it is more likely that you will have doubts surrounding achieving your dream. That’s not to say that you won’t have doubts at all if you don’t tell people your dreams.

Because you will have doubts. They are inevitable.

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Doubts are the Enemy

We all have doubts. And sometimes, it’s good to be realistic, because you need to be able to analyze whether a dream is achievable or not.

But if the only thing stopping you from achieving your dream is fears and doubts, and not some insurmountable obstacle, then you need to banish those fears and doubts.


Because a doubt, as silly as it may seem at first, has a way of creeping its way into your subconscious, into the depths of your heart.

The doubt lingers at the back of your head, without you being aware of it, and will eventually conquer your dreams if you let it. And when this happens, the doubt is more powerful than you realize.

How to Banish Doubts in Three Step

So how do you beat your doubts? It’s three simple steps, but each one is a bit more difficult than it sounds:

1. Become Aware of Your Doubts

Doubt gets its power mostly because it is in your subconscious mind and you aren’t aware of its effect on you.

So it is important to bring doubts to the forefront of your mind. This means trying to search out your doubts and negative thoughts as they come up. Especially, the ones that say, “Maybe I can’t do this. Maybe it’s not realistic.”

If you make a conscious effort to be aware of these doubts, you can catch them and beat them.

2. Squash Your Doubts

Once you’ve become aware of the doubt, you must get rid of it. Yes easier said than done. Squash the doubt like a bug. Don’t let the doubt live and spread. Destroy it.

3. Replace the Doubt with Something Positive

Now that you’ve squashed the doubt, replace it with positive thoughts. It sounds corny and maybe it is, but trust me, this works.

Think to yourself, “I can do this! Others have done it, and so can I! Nothing will stop me.” Or something along those lines, appropriate to whatever it is you’re doing.

You have to continue to be vigilant, and be aware of your doubts before they stop you cold in your tracks.

This is a constant process as you pursue your dreams, not a one-time thing. Doubts, like insects, will continue to come back, even after you’ve killed the first wave or two. You can’t let them thrive and overcome you.

Wrapping Upl

Don’t allow anyone no matter who they are to you dictate the dreams you want to pursue. And don’t give up. Because going after your dreams isn’t easy but totally worth it. And once you know how to bring your doubts to your attention, you can get rid of them and keep fighting in pursuit of your dream.

What do you do to pursue your dreams even when someone is doubting you?

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