How to Shop Grocery Store Sales

Before you even start shopping for sales at grocery stores, you need to know good deals when you find them. I have Celiac’s Disease and therefore I must eat a gluten-free diet. But, I absolutely love macaroni and cheese. It is one of my absolute favorite meals. 

I can and do make my own mac n’ cheese with gluten-free noodles. But sometimes, you need the convenience of the pre-made kind. That comes in a cup, you add water, microwave, stir in the cheese packet and done, ready to eat. 

If I were to buy a boxed gluten-free mac n’ cheese, that costs about $3.50 a box. The cup version is about $2.50 each. Which is super expensive. 

So, when I was shopping the other week and found them to be on sale for $1.00 each. I bought every last one. 

Because one, I knew it was an incredible deal and two it is something I eat. I knew it wouldn’t be a waste of money. 

How to Shop Grocery Store Sales

In order to shop the sales, you need to know what the sales are and when they are happening. To be in the know, you need access to your grocery store’s weekly ad that showcases all of their deals. Every store has a different way of sending these out. It could be through email, the mail, on an app or you could possibly just pick it up when you go to the store. 

Now don’t think you only need to shop at one store. Because stores have different sales at different times you might find you score the best deals by shopping at multiple stores. 

But remember, you won’t be saving money if you don’t actually eat the item. Don’t, I repeat, don’t buy items just because they are a great deal, but you won’t use them. That defeats the whole purpose of sales. 

There are different approaches you can use when are shopping for a sale:

1. Have an idea for what kind of meals you are going to make in a one or two-week period (you might choose to shop every or every other week.) But allow the sales to guide your shopping.

Maybe eggs are on sale, so you will make several meals centered around eggs. 

2. Use the sales to stock up on your most used items. 

In order to always have that item on hand, so you don’t run out and have to go without. 

3. Use the sales to help build your stockpile.

A stockpile is extra food that you and your family love. To help extend your food budget and/or to use in times of crisis. 

4. For this next option, you should only use it sparingly, if the item is an amazing deal and if your grocery budget allows it. 

You can use the sales to experiment, try something new. It’s a tricky option because if you hate the food, then you waste precious money. Hence, why I put the disclaimer at the beginning of this option. 


You can end up saving a lot of money by shopping grocery store sales on the food you were going to eat anyway. Sales can help you get creative with your meals if you choose to go that route as well as help you build up your stockpile in times of crisis. 


How do you use sales at your grocery stores? 

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