How to Prevent Diaper Leaks and Blowouts

No one wants a leaking diaper or a full-blown blowout. Not only does it usually happen at the most inconvenient times and possibly when you are underprepared, but it is also gross when it is a poopy diaper. So, how do you prevent it?

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How to Prevent Diaper Leaks and Blowouts

Why do Diapers Leak?

Typically a diaper leaks because they are too small. A diaper that is too small leaks because there isn’t enough absorbent material inside for the volume of pee. Other signs that your baby’s diaper is too small:

  • The diaper doesn’t cover your baby’s bottom completely.
  • There are red marks around the waist and thighs and signs of chafing. This can indicate the diaper is too tight. 
  • The diaper is soaking through and your baby’s clothes are getting wet. 

If your baby is reaching the upper weight range for the diaper size that your baby is currently wearing, then it might be time to move them up to the next size. Bigger diapers are capable of handling more waster because there is a more absorbent material. But, a diaper that is too big can also lead to leaking. 

How Do You Determine That Your Baby’s Diaper Fits Properly?

When a diaper fits well, it should appear straight and equally proportioned on your baby’s bottom. When you change your baby’s diaper you should also check:

  • The diaper is snug underneath the belly button. 
  • The leg cuffs wrap around each of your baby’s legs neatly. Run your fingers along each cuff to make sure the edges are pulled out. Untucked cuffs can be a cause of leakage. 
  • On the front of the diaper, the tape should be fastened symmetrically. 

If your little one is still a newborn, you need to be extra careful and take special care around their umbilical cord area until it heals completely.

Avoid the Dreaded Blowout (Or at Least Reduce Them)

The diaper blowout. Ugh, what a nightmare. Poop everywhere. On your baby’s clothes, on your baby, in their hair, on anything your baby was touching, and possibly on you. 

Most of the time, blowouts tend to happen at the back of the diaper where it can be hard to create a perfect seal. So, it helps to make sure that the diaper is the correct fit for your baby. It is the right size and not too small or too big. Although this can be easier said than done. 

Blowouts do happen. Make sure you are prepared. Have a change of clothes for you and your baby. When are out and about with your little one, whether it be for errands, a day trip, or a vacation make sure the diaper bag is well stocked in case of a diaper blowout emergency.

Wrapping Up 

Diaper leaks and blowouts are bound to happen. But with preparation as well as practice, you will be able to wade through any diaper leaks and blowouts that come your way with ease. 



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