How to Keep Your House Clean as a Stay-At-Home Mom

It doesn’t matter what stage of life your kids are in, keeping the house clean as a mom, especially a stay-at-home mom it is hard. And as a stay-at-home mom, if your house doesn’t stay clean, then it is almost like you have failed because you stay at home all day. 

But it’s not like you are doing nothing all day. In reality, you are really busy managing your house, and you know taking care of your kids. Keeping them alive, healthy, and happy. It is important to realize that your home probably won’t stay clean for more than 5 minutes depending on your kid’s ages. Probably an unrealistic expectation. 

This doesn’t mean that you should give up and not clean your house. It is just important to note that your house won’t stay clean for long after you clean it. And that’s okay. Having a clean house, even for five minutes improves your mood, makes you feel happier and breathe a little easier. 

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How to Keep Your House Clean as a Stay-At-Home Mom

If your kids are old enough to help you clean, then there is no reason that your kids can’t help you clean. You can assign them certain tasks as well as have them be in charge of picking up their toys and room. Of course, each task given should be age-appropriate. And then, of course, it is possible that your kids aren’t old enough to help much or at all. In that case, you need to help yourself as much as possible. 

Set a Schedule – Stick To It

Instead of trying to clean every part of the house every single day, since frankly that sounds exhausting, set a schedule to work on a part every day. Your schedule can be whatever you want it to be. 

I set a schedule for myself. Here is what my schedule looked like to give you an example of what your schedule can look like. 

Monday – Kitchen

Tuesday – Laundry, and floors 

Wednesday – Kitchen

Thursday – Bathroom, and vacuuming

Friday – Kitchen

Saturday – Clean or tidy if needed, but usually not needed so was a rest day

Sunday – Rest

Now, this schedule was not set in stone, and sometimes I had to adjust. But having this schedule allowed me to keep the house clean (or as clean as possible for as long as possible) without feeling like I was overdoing anything. 

Set your schedule so it makes sense for your life. We had company come over every Thursday, so that is why I had cleaning the bathroom and vacuuming specifically set for that day. 

Keep Bins or Baskets Handy

It helps to have bins or baskets that you can throw toys into. 

It looks organized but is super easy to clean up. 

Tidy Up Once

Honestly, I am still working on this tip. It is a hard one for me. 

Kids make messes, specifically younger kids. They dump out all of their toys and possibly your pots and pans and other kitchenware. (Or maybe that is just my little one?) 

Instead of cleaning up these messes multiple times a day, leave it until the end of the day. Right before bedtime. This way you only have to clean up once, saving you time and energy. 

But the trick is being okay with the mess. Which is why this tip is still hard for me. 

Eliminate Shame and Mom Guilt

Okay, so it might be possible to completely eliminate shame and mom guilt, but try to reduce it. 

Mama, you are a super mom, but you are not supermom. You have kids. And it is amazing that you are able to stay home to raise them. 

It’s okay if there are toys on the floor and dishes in the sink. Try to keep your house as clean as you can, but don’t feel guilty if it is not perfect. You are doing an amazing job kicking butt in all that you are doing. 


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