How to Improve Your Self-Confidence

Imagine this scenario: You feel 100% comfortable in your skin on the surface as well as underneath. You might have moments of self-doubt, but they are fleeting and do not last very long. You are not afraid to stand up for yourself.

If this scenario matches you to a tee then you have mastered self-confidence and I applaud you. This article will probably not be useful for you.

However, if you are like me and most of those statements work for you on some level, but you would like to have more self-confidence, you have come to the right place.

Below, I give 8 ways that you can improve your self-confidence. None of them are revolutionary. None of them will do it by themselves. This list isn’t comprehensive, but it is a great start. These are things that I have tried myself.

You don’t need to implement all of these tips, but you are welcome to if you so desire. You can pick and choose the ones that appeal to you the most, maybe pick a couple at first, and give them a try. If they work, great, you can try others. If they don’t, try something else.

Now it is important to note that I’m using the term self-confidence and there may be places in this article where the term self-esteem should be used instead. They are separate terms, but in the end these tips can improve both your self-esteem and your self-confidence.

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How to Improve Your Self-Confidence: A List of 8 Ways

1. Think Positive

When you think positive it gives you more of a mental boost. It is easier to accomplish what you need too. And it helps you feel better about yourself, since most negative thoughts have to do about you and they aren’t helpful and usually untrue.

2. Eat the A.N.Ts

Don’t worry. I haven’t lost my marbles. I don’t mean actual ants. The acronym stands for automatic negative thoughts. Those thoughts that just pop up in your head. Don’t give those thoughts the time of day. When they pop up and they will, shoo them away or you know, “eat” them.

3. Your Self-Image Can be Photoshopped Mentally

Self-image is means so much to us, more than we often realize. All of us have a mental picture of ourselves and this determines our confidence level in ourselves. But this picture is not set in stone, it can be changed.

Use your mental photoshopping skills and work on your self-image. If you don’t like your image, change it. Spend some time and figure out why you see yourself that way, and find a way to fix it.

4. Exercise

This tip seems to come up a lot in lists that I write. I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t include it here. Exercise is empowering. It makes you feel good and in turn, can make you feel better about yourself. And even only a few minutes of exercise can be beneficial.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Make Mistakes

Mistakes are a part of life. Maybe an uncomfortable part, but still a part. Mistakes are how we learn. Without them, we would never get better. So, don’t worry to much about them. Don’t let the fear of mistakes or an actual mistake prevent you from taking action. Whatever that action might be for you.

6. Act Positive

It is not enough to just think positive. You have to put it in action. The key to developing self-confidence is actually action. It is one thing to think positive, but when you put in into action, you change yourself, one action at a time.

Mull this next statement over for a moment. You are what you do, so if you change what you do, you change what you are.

Instead of telling yourself that you can’t, take action and be positive. Soon, you will notice a difference.

7. Fake it till You Make it

You might put off something such as asking for a promotion at work until you feel more confident. But sometimes the best way to gain confidence is by doing. Or faking it until you have developed more self-confidence.

Practice by facing some of your fears. The ones that are lacking from self-confidence. You might be afraid of embarrasing yourself or making a mistake. Try it anyway.

Now, I’m not saying don’t practice or prepare. But don’t wait until you are 100% confident. That day might never come.

8. Dress Nicely

Putting time and effort into your look can be a great pick-me-up. Not in a vain sort of way. But in an I-like-myself-or-are-working -on-it-and-want-to-take-care-of-me way. Dress nicely doesn’t mean wear a $5,000 suit. It could mean a casual top and jeans. Whatever dress nicely means for you.

What helps you improve your self-confidence?

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