How to be Happy as a Stay-At-Home Mom

There seems to be this belief in society that because you get to be a stay-at-home mom, everything is perfect and you are always happy. Sorry, but no. Not always the case. 

You are still human. It’s not always sunshine and rainbows being a stay-at-home mom. You can suffer from boredomloneliness, and depression. 

Your kids could decide it’s cool to start coloring on the walls. Or your baby just won’t take a nap even though they are. so. tired. (Which happened a fair amount with my baby. I always thought it was because she had FOMO. Fear Of Missing Out. Ever since she was one day old. No joke. Totally not kidding.) 

And you are constantly taking care of the house. But even amidst all of this craziness, it is still possible to find happiness and joy being a stay-at-home mom. Because no matter how hard things get, your kids are adorable, lovable (well, unless they’re coloring on the walls, then they might not seem as lovable) and are only little once and isn’t amazing you get to see them grow up? 


How to be Happy as a Stay-At-Home Mom

1. Take a Shower and Get Dressed Every Day

How to Be Happy as a Stay At Home Mom - Woman Blow Drying Hair

Show yourself some love by taking care of yourself. Yes, your clothes will be covered in spit-up and mac and cheese stains basically as soon as you put them on, but it is worth it. 

It makes you feel more human and confident. It is easier to tackle the day wearing your clothes each day, I have found. Plus, if you are a work-at-home mom as well, it is easier to work and be productive when you get dressed. 

2. Schedule Out Your Day

Having a schedule might seem counter-productive. After all, you are a stay-at-home mom who can do whatever, whenever you want. And although that is true Mama, when you don’t plan your day, it is so easy to look back on the day and feel like nothing got accomplished. 

So, plan your day every day. But realize there will be times that your schedule might need to slide that day. Such as, if you are sick or if your children are sick. But otherwise, schedule and plan your day. You’ll feel better, happier, and more accomplished. 

3. Ask for Help

How to be Happy as a Stay at Home Mom - Mom Holding a Sign with the Word Help

Sometimes you need help. Nothing wrong with it and no shame either. Whether it’s because you need a break to do something for yourself. Or you’re sick. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. From a friend, or your spouse. It is also perfectly okay to hire a babysitter for a few hours.  

4. Don’t Get Sucked into Pinterest 

Pinterest is a treasure trove of ideas. You need craft ideas or easy meals. Bam, a bazillion ideas are ready for you to explore. This is helpful until you start executing some of these ideas and realize whatever you made whether food or craft looks nothing like the picture. 

Then it’s really easy to feel bad about yourself. Mama, don’t try to be a mom you’re not; be the mom that you are. Because the mom that you are is amazing and enough. 

5. Find a Hobby

How to Be Happy as a Stay At Home Mom - Drawing Instruments

Your children might be your world, but don’t lose your identity. Find something you can either do with them or during naptimes. You could do knitting, blogging, running, photography, writing, to name a few ideas. 

Make sure whatever you choose is yours and brings you joy. And if the hobby you choose has a competitive aspect, don’t buy into it. Have fun with no pressure  

6. Leave Your House

You know there were days, especially when my daughter was only a couple months old when leaving the house was terrifying and would give me a slight panic attack. But every time I packed up the diaper bag, got her in her car seat, got her settled in the car, and left, it got easier and less scary.

Leaving your house helps you fight off isolation even if you are only having brief encounters with the checker at Target for the day. It also makes you feel more productive. Because leaving the house with kids is no small feat.

7. Spend Time with Your Kid/s

How to Be Happy as a Stay At Home Mom - Mom and Son

You might be making a face at me right now on this one. You’re right, this seems obvious. But honestly, when you get caught up in the day to day grind of everything that needs to be done, it is really easy to forget the whole point of staying home. For your kids. 

So, spend time with them. Make a craft with them (nope, it doesn’t have to be Pinterest-worthy and if it is is, more power to you, mama.) Play together. Read together. 

Cook together. Have your kids help you clean. That way your chores get done and you are spending time with them. Win-win. 

8. Focus on What You Can Do

It’s so easy to get caught up in everything that you have given up to become a stay at home mom. Paychecks, wearing nice clothing, etc. When these thoughts enter your mind, take a deep breath, and focus on what you can do. 

You can hug your child whenever you want, you can wipe away their tears, you can answer their questions, and quiet their fears. 

9. Remember, Perfect Doesn’t Exist

How to Be Happy as a Stay At Home Mom - Boy with Painted Hands

Sorry, to burst your bubble, but perfect doesn’t exist and is not even an option. Acknowledge and embrace this. There is not just one way to mother a child, there are millions of ways. Be kind and forgiving to yourself. You will mess up, but what defines a great mother is how those mistakes are handled. Allow yourself to be imperfect. 


How do you find happiness as a stay-at-home mom? 


2 thoughts on “How to be Happy as a Stay-At-Home Mom”

  1. I guess my mom classes as a stay at home mom; she doesn’t go out too much often since she’s at home taking care of two sick children while my dad’s always working. It gets a bit hectic with all the chores (she never considers herself a housewife though) especially with my sick siblings. She’ll have some really dark days where she’s bored or uninspired. There’s so much she wants to do though, she’s started her own business, wants to make her own money and has taken up some hobbies lately. I think she can benefit a lot from this article and website overall, especially your posts on self devlopment and tips on staying at home. Heck, there are some things I’ve read here that I could benefit from myself.

    • Hi Kevin. It sounds like your mom has a lot on her plate. It can definitely be boring to stay at home, but worth it as well. It is really helpful to have hobbies. It has helped me immensely. Which is one reason I started this website. To help other moms like myself. I am glad there are useful posts here for you and your mom. You are welcome at any time. 🙂


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