Don’t Forget to Smile

There’s a tendency to get caught up in the tasks of our day, the urgency of what’s coming up, the distractions of being online.

And we forget to smile.

In the rush of the day, the stress of wanting things to happen a certain way, we lose the enjoyment of each moment.

In every moment, there’s the capacity for happiness. It’s not that we need to be ecstatic, full of pleasure, excited or even joyous each and every second of the day.

No one needs that kind of pressure. And it’s not that you can never feel sadness or anger or stress. It’s that you can feel happiness, in some form, any moment you like, even in the midst of stress or sadness.

And it’s exceedingly simple. You just need to remember to smile.

Well, not necessarily a physical smile all the time. Your cheeks would feel very tired. But you can smile more, whether it be a physical smile or an internal smile.

Try an internal smile now: have a calm, unsmiling face, but think of the miracle of this moment, and find a thought to smile about. Feel the smiling feeling inside. Isn’t that amazing?

What do you have to smile about in this moment?

Some ideas:

  • You have someone in your life who cares about you.
  • There is beauty all around you, in many forms.
  • You are generous, compassionate, and good-hearted.
  • You have someone you can help.
  • You can see the sun shining.
  • You can appreciate the leaves of a tree, rain falling, wind blowing.
  • You can taste chocolate.
  • You get to spend time with someone you love.
  • You have music in your life.
  • You get to create something.

And so on. You might not have all of these, but you might have one or two, and if so, that’s more than enough reasons to smile.

You’ll forget to smile in some moments, because your mind gets caught up in stories about the past, stresses about what might happen in the future.

Instead, remind yourself of what’s happening right now, and see the beauty in it, see the reason to smile. And then smile, externally and internally.

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