Delivering with DoorDash: An Inside Look from a Dasher

Sometimes you need extra money (or just want extra money). I get it, I’m a mom with a little one. I started “dashing” with DoorDash when I was still pregnant with my daughter.

I had to stop working in the last trimester of my pregnancy, but I’ve never been good at sitting still. I wanted to keep contributing to my family’s finances and give myself something to do.

So, I started DoorDashing. Full disclosure, I did stop dashing the last month of my pregnancy and didn’t start up again until my daughter was 3 months old. And I have been fairly consistent since then, mostly delivering on weekends which gives you more money anyway.


An Inside Look into a Being a “Dasher” for DoorDash

DoorDash is a food delivery app. Customers order from one of the dozens of restaurants inside of the DoorDah app. Once their order is placed, it is then sent to a “dasher” who is logged into the Dasher app. The dasher accepts the order, they drive to the restaurant, pick up the customer’s order, and take it to them.

Now that is an overly simplified description. I have been delivering with DoorDash every weekend for some time now, so I can give you a more detailed look into how it works. Ready, let’s go.

Now there are two different apps when it comes to Doordash. The first app is the DoorDash app that you use when you want to order food. The other app is for dashers. It allows you to pick up orders and keep track of your earnings. You can’t be a dasher without that app.

So, let me walk you through how DoorDash works as a dasher:

1. Log into the App

Once inside of the app, you see a map with your location on it. Everything is in real-time. There is a red button.

If the time is busier and more dashers are needed to handle customer orders you will see dash now inside of the button. Or it will allow you to schedule a time to dash. Otherwise, you have to wait to dash when more dashers are needed.

2. You Push the Dash Now Button 

The dash now button is available and you push it. You will be taken to a screen that has a checklist of items that you must mark as complete before you can continue. Mark them and then continue.

3. You Are Now “Dashing”

Once, there is an order it will pop up on the screen. It shows you how much the expected payment will be if you complete the order. It allows you to accept or decline. It also counts down. The amount of time seems to vary from order to order.

There are times when the app gives me a minute and a half and there are other times when I only have 15 seconds to decide. (Which is a problem when I don’t see the order and miss it because I didn’t get enough time to decide.) If you decline, your acceptance rate goes down.

4. I Accepted an Order, Now What? 

Once you accept an order, you are told which restaurant you need to go too. The address is displayed along with a button that says get directions, which will redirect you to Google maps.

Once you get to the restaurant, you will mark that you have arrived by sliding a button. Pick up the food and double-check you have all the correct food. You will have to mark each item before continuing.

Then you take the food to the customer. Their address will appear with the get directions button. After dropping off the food, you mark that you have arrived at the customer’s house.

You then complete a survey. You can click on a smiley face or a frowny face (I kid you not). Each face will bring up a list of reasons as to why it was either a good or a poor order. Once completed, the order is finished and a summary of how much you earned is displayed. You will see the base pay that DoorDash gives you, customer’s tips, and any promotional pay. (Sometimes it is exactly as they estimated and other times it is way more. Usually, because the tip is higher than expected. Always a pleasant surprise when this happens.)

Final Thoughts

Now you know the exact process of delivering an order for a customer as a dasher for DoorDash. Armed with that knowledge, becoming a dasher will be a breeze


Have you ever delivered food as a “Dasher” for DoorDash? 

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