I Tried Chirp Audiobooks and am Now Hooked

I love books. I always have. I learned how to read when I was only 3 years old and I have never stopped reading, until a few years ago. Although, it was not exactly a choice.

Growing up, I always had a book in my hand. The term bookworm definitely applied to me. I remember a time in particular that is was very evident.

I was in eighth grade. In my science class, we had assigned seating, two desks separated by aisles. I sat next to a boy. (Honestly, I can’t remember his name, but the eighth grade was like a million years ago. So for the sake of this story, I’ll call him Fred.)

I sat by Fred for about 3 months. Day in and day out he saw me with a different book in hand. At the end of those 3 months, Fred told me that he couldn’t believe that I not only was always reading but pretty much had a different book every day. He told me that it was a miracle for him, if he read one book in a month.

As I got older, I no longer had the time to read a different book everyday. The frequency started to dwindle. Life started to get in the way. Once, I got married, reading all but stopped. And then when my daughter was born, reading stopped completely.

But honestly, I have missed reading. I have missed getting lost in another world. But truly, there is no time for that. Especially as a busy mom. I barely get five minutes to pee, let alone read. But I have always wanted to find a way to get back into reading.

Enter the audiobook. I have known about audiobooks, obviously, I don’t live in a cave, but have never had the money to buy them. Because some audiobook platforms are super expensive. I think you are mostly paying for the convenience.

But recently, I was introduced to Chirp audiobooks and it rocked my world. (Only slightly kidding.) I have now been able to get back into “reading.”

What is Chirp?

Chirp is an audiobook service that offers special limited-time deals. From $.99 up to $6.99 which only lasts around 30 days. So, the books that you see on the front page will be potentially different than what you see in this picture, depending on when you read this.

Every other book that they have on their site is offered at reasonable prices (and honestly, as far as I can tell, every single book if not part of the limited-time deals is 10 percent off.) But don’t quote me on that. It might not always be the case.

What Makes Chirp Different Than Every Other Audiobook Service?

Chirp never forces you to have a monthly subscription or make minimum purchases. Once you buy a book, it’s yours to keep forever. And then you can listen to them whenever you want.

How do You Listen to the Audiobooks You Bought?

You will want to make sure you have set up a free account. That way the audiobooks you bought will be connected to your account. You can access them through your library on the Chirp website. They also have an app where you can listen to them there. You can also download them in order to listen to them in a different way.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Chirp

Okay, there is nothing actually “ugly” about Chirp. Or really anything that bad. But there a couple of annoyances I have found when using their app to listen to the books.

Make sure you check if the book is offered under the deals is part of a series that it is the first book in the series. Most of the ones I saw were, but I did find a couple that was number 2 and 5 in their respective series.

When I first got on the website, I immediately found my way to the limited deals section. Because I love a great deal. I was able to find three books, I ended up buying. They were all under $2.

They were books that I have never heard before but seemed interesting. (I have “read” two of the three books that I bought and am almost done with the third one. But by the time you read this, I have probably finished the third book, have bought at least one more, and have started another book.)

A feature I like is that when you are looking at an audiobook, you can listen to a sample. This is not only great to see if you are going to like the story, but also the narrater’s voice.

There were a couple of books that I was interested in, but as soon as I heard the narrater’s voice, I knew that audiobook was not for me because I wouldn’t have been able to stand the voice.

What is nice about an audiobook is that you can be multitasking while listening to it. You aren’t tied to one spot. (I guess you could read and walk, but that seems dangerous.)

So, the Chirp app is mostly how I have been listening to the audiobooks I bought. I can also listen to the books in the car with my phone connected to an aux cable. This is how I predominantly listened to them. I am in the car often.

When you are listening to your audiobook on the app and in the car, it doesn’t automatically turn off when you stop the car. So, that’s obnoxious. You have to physically turn it off.

Your Chirp account is supposed to be synced on the app and on the website. But sometimes I find, that the progress I have made on one platform doesn’t show up on the other. So, I have to manually find my spot. Neither of these things are major issues, just minor conveniences.

Final Thoughts about Chirp Audiobooks

This is a great website to find cheap audiobooks that you can listen to when it is convenient for you. If you are missing out on reading, then you should give this a try. Or if you still have time to read, you should still check out Chirp.

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