7 Powerful Benefits of Believing in Yourself

Believing in yourself is so important. But, sometimes it can be a struggle to believe in yourself.

Maybe you struggle with your self-worth or maybe you don’t think you have the power to make your dreams come true. (Or maybe both of these statements ring true for you.) But regardless, it is possible to believe in yourself and there are even benefits of believing in yourself.

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7 Benefits of Believing in Yourself

1. You Have Confidence in Your Abilities

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When you believe in yourself, you have confidence in your abilities. You know you can achieve whatever you set your mind too.

And because of this, you are not afraid to dream big and allow yourself to go after all of your goals, even if they seem super crazy to everyone around you.

You know what you can accomplish. You are able to be your own best cheerleader. Even when no one else is cheering you on. 

2. You Create Dreams – Don’t Be Afraid to Dream Big

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In order to work on making your dreams come true, you have to know what your dreams are. You are willing to soul search and figure out what your dreams are.

You don’t worry if they sound crazy, too-good-to-be-true, or unachievable. Because in your heart, you know you are more than capable to achieve them.

You are willing to do whatever it takes to make your dream come true. You are willing to endure blood, sweat, and tears, (metaphorically and literally).

3. You Set Goals and Work Toward Them

Setting goals and then accomplishing them can help bolster confidence in yourself. You see that you can make your goals a reality.

Even if the goals are small and simple at first. This can give you the courage to start making bigger and bolder goals. Which in turn will fuel and reinforce your belief in yourself.

4. You Keep Your Motivation (When the Going Gets Tough)

You might have some crazy dreams. And maybe the people around you, even family members don’t believe in you and your ability to achieve them.

But if you believe in you, then you will keep persisting. You will have the motivation to keep moving forward toward achieving your goals. Even when things get tough.

For me, I have some pretty wild dreams. I know that I can achieve them. But at the same time, I am not naive. I know they will take time, patience, dedication, persistence, effort, resilience, and maybe a smidgeon of luck to make come true.

It would make my life a little easier if the people in my life believed that I can make those dreams come true. But it doesn’t matter. What matters, is that I believe and most importantly, that I never stop believing in me.

5. You Build Self-Confidence

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Self-confidence breeds more self-confidence. Once you see success through completing small and big goals, your self-confidence grows because you see what you have been able to accomplish.

All on your own. Through your own willpower, dedication, determination, and solid and consistent effort. This reinforces your belief in yourself.

It is a glorious cycle. One in which you should never try to break.

6. You Treat Yourself With Kindness and Respect

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When you believe in yourself, it is easier to have self-love. You know what you are capable of, but that doesn’t mean you ignore your weaknesses.

Because you are aware of your strengths and weaknesses, it is out in the open. So, you can treat yourself with kindness, love, and respect.

7. You Let Negative Thoughts Fade Away

How many times have you told yourself that you can’t?

I can’t write the novel I have always wanted to start. I don’t have time. My writing is not that good.

I can’t start a blog. I’m not tech-savvy. I don’t know what to write. Who would want to read what I have to say?

I can’t (fill in the blank here.)

We really are our own worst critic. And if you aren’t careful, your own mind can sabotage you.

This is something that I have been guilty of, but I am working on it. Saying I can’t is easier than saying I can because it is safer and keeps you in your comfort zone.

Plus whatever you are thinking you can’t do will require work. And the thought of that work can make you shy away from wanting to do it.

But when you start telling yourself you can and believe that you really can, your doubt and fear start to melt away. You start training yourself to think positive thoughts, which doesn’t allow room for negative thoughts.

Wrapping Up

Believing in yourself comes with benefits that enrich and better your life.

Do you believe in yourself? Have you seen any of these benefits of believing in yourself?

2 thoughts on “7 Powerful Benefits of Believing in Yourself”

  1. I think I’m confident, I believe in myself plenty; especially when others don’t. But I’ve always had a problem with making goals for myself, without them you pretty much float without a paddle to take you to your destination. Kinda gets me lost in life every once in a while. These are some great points, love em. Keep up the good work 🙂

    • Hi Kevin. Thank you for taking the time to share your insights and for your kind words. Making goals can definitely be a struggle, so can achieving the goals that you make. Like anything, making goals takes practice.


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