11 Amazing Benefits of Being a Stay-At-Home Mom

Many moms have always dreamed of staying at home with their babies. While for other moms, it is something they fall into for whatever reason.

For me, when I was growing up and thinking about being a mom, I never thought hard about being a stay-at-home mom. Although I never thought about being a working mom either. I kinda glossed over that part.

It wasn’t until I found out that I was pregnant with my daughter that I thought long and hard about what I wanted for me and her. It hurt my heart when I thought about her going to daycare and then being raised by someone else and I would miss her milestones.

Now being a stay-at-home mom is a very important job that does not last long in the grand scheme of things. But there are days that life home with your babies is rough around the edges and you can’t remember why you signed up for this job in the first place.

It’s okay, mama, I have these days often. So, to help you remember why you wanted to be a stay-at-home mama in the first place or to help aid in your decision to become a stay-at-home mom here are amazing benefits for both you and your children.


11 Benefits of Being a Stay-At-Home Mom

1. You Get to Raise Your Own Child

11 Benefits of Being a Stay At Home Mom - Mom and Son

You and you alone get to raise your child. Even if your child’s caregiver is well-meaning, you don’t have to worry about them being taught something contrary to what you would have taught them.

2. Save Money on Daycare

Daycare is ridiculously expensive. Like for real. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to work a full-time job because all of the money that you earn ends up going to pay for the daycare.

3. See All of Your Child’s “Firsts”

For me, when I was contemplating becoming a stay-at-home mom before my daughter was born, I knew I wanted to be able to see all of my child’s milestones. I was afraid of missing out on those.

And when I was getting ready to go back to work after only having had her a few months before, I felt sadness and a pain in my heart for knowing I was going to miss out on my daughter’s firsts. It didn’t help she was my first child.

Being able to see her grow up and hit all of her major milestones is a wonderful sight and feeling.

4. Creates a Strong Bond with Your Child

11 Benefits of Being a Stay At Home Mom - Mom hugging son

Spending all your time interacting and caring for your child creates a very strong bond with them. A bond that lasts their entire life. Your child knows that you are there for them because you are with them day in and day out. When they are having a bad day or are upset, they know that you will be emotional support for them because you are always there.

5. You are in Charge of What Your Child’s Being Taught

A mom is a child’s first and best teacher. When you stay at home you know what your child is being taught because you are the one teaching them. You not only can teach them their ABC’s, shapes, colors, and numbers, but also your values, religious beliefs, and ideals.

6. Home Runs Smoother

You are managing all the daily needs of your family as well as your home. This helps to keep your household running in tip-top shape.

7. More Consistent Routine

11 Benefits of a Stay At Home Mom - Clock

Babies and toddlers need to be on a schedule in order to be healthy and happy. This in turn means that you are also on a schedule which gives your days structure and routine.

8. You Can Interact with Other SAHM’s (Stay-At-Home Moms)

When you can find other SAHM’s to hang out with and to talk with about the unique experience that is being a SAHM, it helps you feel like you are not alone. Other SAHM’s understand how busy you really are. Other SAHM’s understand all the hats you juggle. Other SAHM’s understand the joy of watching your baby crawl for the first time. Other SAHM’s know that you might go days without being able to have a conversation with another adult.

If you already have friends that are SAHM’S, then get together with them. You can meet SAHM’s through meet-up groups. You can also meet other SAHM’s through mom forums on the internet.

Chances are if you go to the aquarium, zoo, mall, or indoor play place on a weekend, you will encounter moms in the same situation as you. Striking up a conversation with these moms can turn into lifelong friendships and will give you a support system when you need to vent or need someone to watch you kid/s.

9. Confidence

There’s no better confidence boost than figuring out how to take care of your children and the household chores as well. Let me explain by telling you a story. My daughter was only a month old and one day the house was in desperate need of being vacuumed.

I had only been left alone with my daughter for a couple of days and I was still terrified something would happen. (Side note: It is amazing how such a tiny human can instill a sense of panic. But that comes with the mom territory)

I knew I needed to vacuum, but my daughter was in a stage where she needed movement to keep her calm. So, I got her in the baby carrier after a few minutes of trying to figure out how to connect the darn thing. No matter how many times I used it, I always seemed to forget how the straps worked and I always got tangled.

Then I had to figure out how to get untangled. Then I pulled out the vacuum and in order to not hit her in the face through the carrier by the vacuum, I had to vacuum sideways.

But let me tell you, when I finally got everything to work, I felt like I was unstoppable, that I could do anything and my confidence in this whole mom thing soared.

10. Better Nutrition

11 Benefits of Being a Stay At Home Mom - Vegetables

As a stay-at-home mom, you are in charge of what your child/ren eat. Daycares are notorious for providing less than optimal nutrition. The food tends to be sugary and fewer meals and more snack food. When you stay home you can make sure your kids get healthy food and a variety of foods as well.

11. You Can Reject What Everyone Else is Doing and Do Your Own Thing

In high school, but really my whole life, I have wanted to fit in. I have wanted to be liked. But once I became a mom, I found myself, more often than not, seeing what other people were doing, and then I did the exact opposite.

I didn’t subscribe to the notion that your baby needs everything under the sun in order to thrive. There are things that are really nice to have, but everything? No. Baby stuff takes up way too much room. And honestly, half the things don’t get used anyway.

Because I am home with my daughter, I can take fresh fruits and vegetables and puree them for her baby food. Which goes back to the better nutrition point and she honestly enjoys it way more.

As a stay at home mom, you can put special emphasis and focus on specific talents.

Final Thoughts

Being a stay-at-home mom is a great privilege. Being able to raise your babies your own way and watching them hit all their milestones just can’t be beaten.

What do you like about stay-at-home mom life? Are there other benefits you have found that I missed? 

4 thoughts on “11 Amazing Benefits of Being a Stay-At-Home Mom”

  1. I love being a stay at home mom! For me, a benefit is getting to work part time at home around my son’s schedule. I have gotten good at multitasking! I love being around for all his milestones! I have a couple of years before he goes to school but I am already dreading it!! I am glad we have this time together!

    • That is great you have been able to work from home Brinna. That is something I have enjoyed as well. Being able to be home with my daughter has been a dream come true.

  2. Hi, Amanda,

    Wonderful post and I subscribe under all of the benefits of being a stay-at-home-mom.

    Having the chance to be around your child and literally watch him growing up is priceless.

    Our kids grow up so quickly, these moments will never come back and it is really a pity to miss them for the sake of going to work.

    If I had to choose again to be a SAHM or not to be, I would opt for being with my daughter again and again, without limitations.


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