The 30-Day Rule

The 30-Day Rule - Woman Sitting on Stool with Shopping Bags at her Feet

Maybe you have been struggling with impulse shopping. Or shopping has become entertainment for you. Or you just want another way to save money. And work on delaying your gratification, so you can stop buying things right now. The 30-day rule can help you with this. Don’t be scared off by the word rule. You … Read more

Use Free Online Services to Save Money

Use Free Online Services to Save Money - Blank Laptop on a Desk with Other Props

We live at an amazing time. Where you literally have a wealth of information at your fingertips. The internet has become a wonderful resource where you have multiple ways to save money if you utilize them. There are many ways that you can save money by using free online services, so let me highlight a … Read more

How to Show Up Even When You are Not Feeling it

How to Show Up Even When You are Not Feeling it - Woman with Hands on her Face

There are days when you are just not feeling it. It’s not that you are exhausted or tired. (Although being productive when you are tired is definitely a challenge.) It’s just that you are not in the mood to do the important task that’s not in front of you. You try to procrastinate and distract … Read more

Take Time to Clear Things Out

Take Time to Clear Things Up - Laptop

There is a simple universal truth. If things can accumulate they will. Email piles up. And if you have more than one email. Yikes. I have more than five. It gets messy, quickly. Yes, I should probably delete one or more of my emails. Probably would make things more manageable. Clutter piles up. Leaving messes … Read more

The Beginner’s Guide to Personal Development

The Beginner's Guide to Personal Development - Singular Butterfly Perched on Flower

I struggle with self-confidence and self-image issues. I have perfectionistic tendencies, a procrastinating streak, and tend to get over-stressed. I battle with managing my time, which is more of a challenge since becoming a mom. A few years ago, I decided I wanted to start making changes to those struggles. I am still constantly working … Read more