How to Deal with the Loss of Your Marriage

How to Deal With the Loss of Your Marriage - Emotional Woman

My 2nd wedding anniversary should have been a joyous occasion. One filled with happiness, and laughter. A celebration with my best friend. But instead, we were separated and divorce proceedings had been started. This anniversary was filled with sadness, pain, grief, despair, and bittersweet memories. Ouch, I know. Only two months earlier, I had packed … Read more

What to Do When Your World is Crumbling

What to Do When Your World is Crumbling - Upset Woman

“When you think your life is falling apart, it’s usually falling together in disguise.” – Charlotte Eriksson There are times you are going along in life and everything is hunky-dory. And then suddenly, bam, something happens and life as you knew it is no longer the same. And you are left picking up the pieces … Read more

What to Do When Nobody Believes in You

What to Do When Nobody Believes in You - Plant Growing Through Wood Planks

I had been brainstorming with an intermediate family member, to figure out where I and my baby daughter were going to end up living. I had left my abusive husband with my (then) 9-month-old daughter in tow and we had sought sanctuary at a women’s shelter. I was needing to find a more permanent place … Read more

How to Beat Stay-At-Home Mom Boredom

How to Beat Stay At Home Mom Boredom - Woman With Hands on Face at Table

Being a stay-at-home mom can be great. But that doesn’t mean it is always sunshine and roses. There are struggles that you encounter. One of those struggles is stay-at-home mom boredom. I didn’t think boredom was possible when I first became a stay-at-home mom. And that might have been because I was taking care of … Read more

11 Amazing Benefits of Being a Stay-At-Home Mom

11 Amazing Benefits of Being a Stay At Home Mom - Mom Reading Book with Young Toddler

Many moms have always dreamed of staying at home with their babies. While for other moms, it is something they fall into for whatever reason. For me, when I was growing up and thinking about being a mom, I never thought hard about being a stay-at-home mom. Although I never thought about being a working … Read more